Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher

I took a walk in the woods with my first teacher. He asked me: Are you a Spiritual Teacher? My impulse was to say no. This would be hubris. But then I considered it more deeply.

I teach yoga, but on more than just the physical level. I teach about openness and developing relationships, with oneself and with the world as well.

I teach people how to deal with changes. How to transform that which no longer serves them. How to trust themselves, and how to let their natural abilities flower and grow into the direction of their destiny.

This is about more than just putting your feet in your neck (which I neither teach, nor am interested in achieving myself).

It is truly about the spiritual path. And I have been guiding people in this way for many years.

Furthermore: I think it is possible.

I think it is possible to guide people without misleading them. But only if one is true to one’s self.

Today I have no hesitation in answering the question. This is what I am: A Spiritual Teacher. Nothing more and certainly nothing less.

I currently offer trainings and workshops in Lisbon and Amsterdam. If interested sign up on my (infrequent) newsletter or drop me a line by clicking the friendly email button below

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