The Power of Initiation

To me, the written word has the power of initiation. I have myself been initiated many times though the written word. When I was lowest, it was a passage of written words that struck me, and guided me out of my valley of despair.
When I was high, written words enriched and deepened my experience. While I live and breathe on my own, words have breathed meaning into my existence.
The word is the fundamental tool of creation in our world. All other tools pale in comparison. We can forever lament that words cannot express the ineffable. Or complain that reading books is a poor substitute for living experience. But words can change our energy, our experience and our world. Words entertain, they help us feel and understand, and aid our memory. They literally change us. Using words wisely is one of the most difficult — and one of the most supreme — things to do.

Fat Man Running Cover Image

Men in crisis often start running.

It gives them a sense of control, a space to breathe. And it’s cheaper than a Porsche.

Fat Man Running safely prepares you for marathon running. No matter how much you weigh or how fit you feel, it takes you from 0 to 42 kilometers.

It contains running wisdom, diet advice and training schedules. It also tells you how to apply that information in your life.

With this book in hand you will be able to lose weight and build up the strength, endurance and resilience to conquer that Distance of Distances: 42.195 kilometers. And all the smaller distances in between.

If life is like a prison, running is like tunneling yourself out. This book is a practical help. It gives you a map of the territory. It shows you where to start digging.

Run well.

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My Writing

After running the marathon, I was so inspired by the things that I had learned, that I wrote a book about all that learning. It's called Fat Man Running (also available on Amazon), and it is strictly for men.

In addition to that I write an irregular blog / webzine called Somehow The Rules Don't Apply To Me

Occasionally I write in Dutch on Het Spirituele Leven.

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